Services Overview

Solutions Behavioral Consulting offers a variety of programming options individualized to meet each child’s needs. All of the programs are developed based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). In addition, all of our Behavioral Consultants have had extensive training in ABA and have a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the science with children with special needs. SBC Behavioral Consultants incorporate research-based practices such as verbal behavior, natural environment training, and discrete trial teaching into their daily practice.

ABA Programming Home, School, and Center-Based

Solutions Behavioral Consulting offers home, school, and clinic-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programming to meet the individualized needs of your child. Programming is developed with consideration given to ETR results, IEP goals, parent/family interviews, assessments provided from supplemental therapies such as speech, OT, or PT, as well as additional assessments performed by your consultant.

ABA programs are comprehensive in nature and include building skills in areas such as receptive language, expressive language, fine motor, gross motor, self-help areas, play skills, social abilities, and academics. All of our Consultants from Solutions are certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) as either BCBA’s or BCaBA’s. Consultants will meet with your child and team of tutors for approximately 4-6 hours per month.

Individualized Tutoring

Solutions Behavioral Consulting offers weekly tutoring sessions designed to supplement your child’s academic and/or behavioral needs.  Often, the children we serve are successful in a traditional or specialized school environment with some additional help after school, on the weekends, or over extended breaks.  Tutoring sessions are individualized to your child and focus on specific areas of need that may include academics, language skills, social skills, play skills, or behavioral intervention techniques that can then be generalized to your child’s classroom setting.

Individualized tutoring may take place in our office, at your home, or at your child’s school.  Sessions are designed and overseen by a Behavioral Consultant with the goal of helping your child to achieve his or her full school potential!

BCBA Supervision

The Behavior Analyst Supervision Board (BACB) requires all eligible BCBA candidates follow a schedule of supervision in addition to required coursework as one pursues their certification to work as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA).  Solutions Behavioral Consulting offers weekly supervision hours to support BCBA or BCaBA candidates fulfill the requirements to sit for the BCBA exam.

Your supervision needs will be assessed on an individual basis with a review of current and completed coursework, the number of supervision hours needed to fill, and the request to receive necessary experience hours by being placed with one of our SBC clients.

Teacher/Paraprofessional Training

Many teachers and local school districts are anxious to utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis within their classrooms to benefit both special needs and traditional students.  Solutions Behavioral Consulting offers workshops designed to enhance teachers/paraprofessionals understanding and implementation of ABA in the classroom setting.  General workshop topics may include concepts such as classroom organization, use of reinforcement strategies, discrete trial teaching, natural environment training, managing challenging behaviors, and many others!

In addition to general workshop topics, Behavioral Consultants from SBC are available to provide consultation for students who may require more individualized attention within a classroom setting.  Consultants may be contracted to work directly with teachers or paraprofessionals in need of guidance on how best to instruct a child with developmental or behavioral challenges.

Speech Therapy

Individualized speech therapy sessions are available for students who require a focus on language production, articulation, and language comprehension.  Speech therapy sessions will be designed to meet the needs of each individual student as determined by current assessment results and goals included on the IEP.

Little Learners

For our preschool aged children, Little Learners is an interactive small group session that includes peer models three times per week. Little Learners is an excellent opportunity for your child to have fun while receiving direct instruction on social and language skills. In addition, your child will begin to learn about letters and numbers, phonemic awareness, and other pre-Kindergarten skills.  This is a great opportunity for children to experience school activities in a small group setting with a low child to instructor ratio. The children learn appropriate school behaviors such as attending during circle time, waiting in line, following group directions, and interacting with peers.  The goal of Little Learner’s is to prepare children for traditional school settings using an intensive behavioral model.